Club Fitting

Club Fitting is a series of tests conducted to discover your optimal golf club specifications. Club fitting is the process of determining your optimal equipment specifications. Your trained fitting professional will look at variables such as shaft length, flex, composition, lie angle, bounce angles, club head design & loft will be analyzed and determine what club you are most suited to. Purchasing new clubs can be expensive, so knowing you are many an educated and informed decision is important, unleash club fitting allows this to happen.

In a fitting – using state of the art market-leading technology TrackMan 4  (trusted by over 100 touring professionals worldwide and every single major golf club manufacturer) Using TrackMan we then work out how you ‘present the club to the ball’ no matter if you are a touring pro or a weekend warrior you will have ‘patterns’ and they are surprisingly consistent! – once we have your ‘footprint’ we can then start to build an optimal picture that suits YOU – reducing dispersion maximizing distance and managing yardage gaps.   

All Club Fitting charges will be discounted off any hardware purchases made post fitting!

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